For Immediate Release
November 13, 2019

Norman Turrill (503) 386-7996

People Not Politicians, a coalition of Oregon voters and organizations concerned about good government, today filed two statewide initiatives to reform Oregon’s redistricting process: one to reform congressional redistricting and one to reform state legislative redistricting. These filings follow the filing yesterday of a single statewide initiative petition (IP #57) which combines the congressional and state legislative proposals.

The initiatives would amend Oregon’s constitution to create an independent citizen redistricting commission to draw congressional and legislative voting districts. Currently, Oregon legislators draw their own legislative districts and also the state’s federal congressional districts, often without taking input from everyday Oregonians into account.

The two initiatives would not create separate commissions; there would be one 12-member independent citizen redistricting commission responsible for drawing both sets of electoral maps.

The initiatives have already been endorsed by the League of Women Voters of Oregon, Oregon Farm Bureau, Common Cause Oregon, the Independent Party of Oregon, NAACP Eugene/Springfield Branch, Taxpayer Association of Oregon, OSPIRG, American Association of University Women of OR (OR AAUW), Oregon’s Progressive Party, and many others.