Our diverse coalition has come together from all party affiliations, income levels, backgrounds, identities, and all corners of Oregon to rally for equal, fair and transparent representation. We represent hundreds of thousands of Oregonians who believe we deserve the best possible representative government produced through a fair, unbiased and transparent process—and we’re working hard to make that happen.

Join us today to bring a more fair, transparent and non-partisan approach to Oregon’s redistricting process.

Key Supporters

League of Women Voters of Oregon

Oregon Farm Bureau Federation

Common Cause Oregon

Independent Party of Oregon

American Association of University Women of OR

NAACP Eugene/Springfield Branch

Oregon State Public Interest Research Group (OSPIRG)

Oregon Progressive Party

Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The Chamber of Medford & Jackson County

The Chamber of Medford & Jackson County

Portland Forward

Portland Forward

Oregon State Chamber of Commerce

Stand Up America

Pacific Green Party Logo

Pacific Green Party of Oregon

U.S. Congressman Kurt Schrader (D)

Former U.S. Senator Gordon Smith (R)

Phil Keisling – Former SoS (D), Former Oregon House of Rep

Bill Bradbury – Former SoS (D), former Oregon State Senate and Oregon House of Rep

Bev Clarno – Former SoS (R), former Oregon House of Rep and Oregon State Senate

Margaret Carter (D) – Former President Oregon State Senate, Oregon House of Rep

Judge Mike McLane – Former Oregon House of Reps (R)- Prineville

Mark Hass (D) – former Oregon State Senate

John Watt (R) – former Oregon House of Reps – Medford, Medford Chamber

Greg Macpherson (D) – Former Oregon House of Reps Lake Oswego

Rep. Ron Noble (R – Yamhill) – former McMinnville Chief of Police

Brian Clem (D) – former Oregon House of Rep – Salem

Rep. Marty Wilde (D – Eugene)

Rep. David Gomberg (D – Oregon Coastal Caucus)

Chris Telfer, CPA (I), former Oregon State Senate, Bend City Councilwoman

Commissioner Casey Kulla (D – Yamhill)

Peter Stott

Peter Nickerson, Director Growth-Link Overseas

Pat Becker, Becker Capital Management

Cody Reynolds, Candidate U.S. Congress 6th District

Dave Nemarnik, Pacific Fruit

Joseph Tennant, Pacific Marine Leasing

Jim Mark, Melvin Mark

Mark Fitz, President StarOil

Professor Paul Gronke, Reed College


Oregon State Chamber of Commerce

Oregon Homebuilders Association

Oregon Association of Nurseries

Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association

Pacific Seafood (Tony Dal Ponte)

Tillamook County Creamery

Oregon Auto Dealers Assn

Associated Oregon Loggers

Klamath Tribal Council

Portland Business Alliance

Washington County Chamber

Medford Chamber

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Add your voice to the movement and help build an enduring and inclusive democracy in Oregon.

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