April 9, 2021

Norman Turrill, Chair, People Not Politicians, (503) 807-4863
Kathay Feng, Common Cause, (310) 880-6668

SALEM, Ore. — On Friday, the People Not Politicians coalition released the following statement on the Oregon Supreme Court’s ruling giving the Legislature an extended timeline through September 27, nearly three months after the constitutional deadline, to produce new state and congressional district maps.

Norman Turrill, Chair of People Not Politicians made the following statement:

“We are pleased the Oregon Supreme Court recognized the undue hardships the COVID-19 pandemic placed on the ability to redraw district lines under the current law. We agree in order for maps to be drawn that fairly represent Oregon’s population growth, we need true and accurate Census data, and the state should wait until that data is available.

We hope the legislature will utilize this additional time to put into place an independent citizens redistricting commission that would draw maps fairly and transparently and remove the conflicts of interest in having politicians draw their own maps

People Not Politicians is committed to ensuring that the 2021 redistricting process is fair, transparent and impartial, and will continue to work toward an independent citizens redistricting commission in Oregon. “

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