Petitions, Critical Instructions & Delivery

Signing the Petition is Easy!

Send & Sign by August 8!

Step 1: Read Initiative Petition 57.
Step 2:
Click below on the green button for single, 5 or 10 line petitions.
Step 3: Click the yellow button to read critical instructions provided on how to print & sign your petition.
Step 4: Then, print the petition that comes up on your screen. Remember if you are printing a 5 or 10 line petition, print both sides of the PDF front & back on the same piece of paper.
Step 5: Sign the petition and mail to our office immediately.

Read Initiative Petition 57

Click to download Single Signer E-Petition Instructions

Click to download 5-Line Petition Instructions

Click to download 10-Line Petition Instructions

Printing your petition sheet:

  • PRINT the PDF of the Petition Sheet that comes up on your screen

  • For the e-petition, print ONLY on one side and must be blank on the backside.

  • The Up to 5 and 10 signers petitions, MUST print both the cover and signature pages double-sided, front and back on one sheet.

  • The petition sheets must be printed on at least 20 pound, 8 1/2 x 11″, uncoated white paper. That’s likely just the white printer paper you have at home.

Should you sign?

  • Yes please!

  • Only registered Oregon voters may sign the petitions

  • Do not sign more than once

Signing your petition sheet:

    • You are the “circulator” even if you are the only signer.

    • Sign and print your name and address exactly as you are registered to vote.

    • For e-petitions, please make sure to fill out each and every line!

    • For 5 & 10 line petitions, make sure to sign the petition itself AND also on the bottom where it says “Circulator.”

    • Sign and date the bottom section only after all voters have signed the petition

Send your petition immediately to:

People Not Politicians
PO Box 3226
Salem, OR 97302

Need help?
You can email us or call us at (503) 386-7996 to speak with a campaign volunteer to walk you through it.

Get in touch.

Add your voice to the movement and help build an enduring and inclusive democracy in Oregon.