Pamela J. Ledbetter, Portland | The Oregonians/OregonLive | June 11, 2020

You are probably overwhelmed with our collective need to make our communities, cities, states and nation better and safer. In the midst of the ongoing fight against racial injustice, economic chaos and the pandemic, I ask you not to forget the need to fix our broken election system. Every state needs to tackle the problems created by gerrymandering, which allows the politically most powerful to draw the lines that shape our voting districts, which is how the people who represent you are voted into power. We need to take this power away from the politically most powerful in an effort to create a fair election process. Without this, your vote, your voice, your candidates can be effectively silenced. This has happened across the country.

Here in Oregon, and other states, we are fighting back. Please go to, read about the issue, then print, sign and mail in a petition designed to get Proposition 57 on the November ballot (you can also ask to have a petition sent to you). Proposition 57 would create an independent non-partisan commission to draw new voting maps for Oregon. I am a volunteer with Common Cause Oregon, one of a number of organizations working to get Proposition 57 on the ballot. Fundamental to the cause of justice is having representatives who believe in the cause of justice. Please help. Make sure your voice and vote count.